A Public Market Approach to Early -
Stage Venture Capital Investment

At the Scharfe Investment Group of Companies, we invest in early-stage, North American-based companies that have the potential for long-term, expansive, yet sustainable, growth. We partner with ambitious entrepreneurs to bring their innovative ideas to life through the initial public offering (IPO) process.

Our portfolio companies will gain access to the immense benefits of being a publicly listed company: heightening exposure, enhancing credibility, accessing large pools of public capital and, thus, accelerating the company’s prospective growth.





Bradley Scharfe
Bradley Scharfe, President, Co-Chairman & CEO of Scharfe Group of Companies, is an accomplished financier with over 25 years of expertise in North America’s lucrative capital markets. Mr. Scharfe has spearheaded financing efforts and assembled robust companies in the areas of resources and commodities, clean technology and renewable/alternative energy, oil and gas, and biotech and tech. Mr. Scharfe is an expert at raising, deploying and managing venture capital for companies in the early growth phase of their development. His focus is on backing emerging companies that require early-stage financing, public market support and management structuring and collecting strategic experts who can appropriately contribute to the company’s ongoing, expansive growth.
For 12 years, Mr. Scharfe was a successful venture capital stockbroker with Canaccord Capital Corporation, a premier Canadian investment firm. While at Canaccord, he was part of the Chairman’s Club, based on outstanding achievement.
Mr. Scharfe holds a Bachelors of Arts Degree from the University of Toronto, where he majored in Commerce and Economics.

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